Weigh Bridge

Weighbridges or Dharam Kaanta in India, are used to weigh industrial vehicles and their contents. By weighing the vehicle both when empty and when loaded, the load carried by the vehicle can be calculated.

NEWTON is highly skilled in providing Weigh Bridges of various sizes and capacity, each matching to our valued customers’ requirements.

Our Weighbridge Platforms are constructedof the finest fresh MS steelprocured from industry renowned steel giants, and stamped for their authenticity to provide you with a heavy-duty working capability at any terrain. They are finish polishedto provideanti-rust and anti-skid features for maximum safety and durability.

Specially designed High Precision weather proofLoad Cellsareinstalled to give you the most accurate weight in the toughest environment. The Load Cells are highly durable and do confirm to the latest IP standards.

You can choose from either a surface mounted (Pitless) or Pit mounted type structure depending upon the area and space availability. Portable/Moveable structures can be also be provided as per customer needs.

Our weight controllers can be integrated with Cloud Automation and SMS Facility that enables the users to monitor the system remotely and integrate the data on a distant accessible computer device.

Dedicatedpan India after-sale services are provided by us to cater our clients.

Customers can also enroll for our Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC) where services are provided either monthly, quarterly or semi-annually as per customer requirement after completion of the warranty period.

Components – Concrete Structure (Depends on the type of Weigh Bridge installed), NWS Truck Weigh Indicator, Load Cells, Junction Box, Control Room and Computer System with printer (Optional), IOS Switch and GSM Modem (Optional, for Cloud Automation facility).