Pay Loader Weighing System

Versatile and fully automatic, Pay Loader weighing System helps in weighing the contents of the Loaders/Excavator/Dumper/Forklift.

NEWTON provides quality Loader Weighing Systems that are manufactured as per the prescribed industry standards with the latest sophisticated technology, ensuring reliable data reading.

The scale weighs materials in the loading phase and facilitates accurate monitoring and traceability of material flows.Designed for demanding conditions, our Pay Loader Weighing Scale can be installed onto all Loaders/Excavator/Dumper/Forklift models.

NEWTON provides accurate weighing results, error margin less than +/- 0.5-2 % and weighing information can be transferred to a cloud service or, via integration, to an ERP or other system

Components –NWS On-Board Weight Transmitter, High Precision Pressure sensors, Precision Position sensors, IP65 Junction Box, Controller Inbuilt Thermal Printer, IOS Switch and GSM Modem (Optional, for Cloud Automation facility).