On Board Weigher

On-Board Weighing System can weigh load directly from truck being loaded.The load cells,by the way of sensors are installed on the axles of the truck itself.

NEWTON, also provides the GPS tracking device for the same. This helps to track the weight of the contents of the truck right from the source till the destination. The data management unit has built-in software that records each load weight and directly transmits it to the Computer.

Components – NWS On-Board Weight Transmitter, High Precision Pressure sensors, Tachometer Speed Sensors, Sensor I/O module, IP65 Junction Box, GPS modem (Optional), IOS Switch and GSM Modem (Optional, for Cloud Automation facility).

Key Features

  • Current total load for the entire vehicle is measured instantly and accurately
  • There is no need for a weigh bridge,the weight of the vehicle and/or the contents can be known in truck its self
  • GPS Tracking helps to track the weight of the load through the journey of the truck
  • Indicates Overload
  • Tachometer for Speed measurement