Loss-in-Weigh Feeder

Loss in Weigh Feeder System is a dynamic weighing system wherein the hopper and material are continuously weighed.

As the feeder discharges material, the rate of decline in system weight is computed, and feeder speed is adjusted to maintain the desired (set) rate.

At NEWTON, our systems our designed to provide you with the best accuracy, innate material handling flexibility and ease of material containment, combined with enabling advances in weighing and control.

Salient Features –

  • 100% customization available as per client requirements
  • NWS LIW Weight transmitter with 4-20mA
  • Heavy Duty Weigh Hopper and belt feeder Structures with high durability
  • High Precision strain gauge Load Cells
  • Remote Access facility

Components – NWS LIW Weight Transmitter, Strain Gauge Load Cells, Stainless Steel Junction Box, Weigh Hopper, Belt Feeder Complete Structure, IOS Switch (Optional) and GSM Modem (Optional).