Batch Weighing System

Our Batch Weighing System, comprises of a single weigh controller that controls and weighs few different materials which constitute a batch. It makes sure that right quantity of material is discharged to complete a batch.

One of the strongest cases for an automated weigh batching system is that it improves product quality by providing a more-accurate and consistent mixture.

In many plants that use manual methods, a common practice is to work with pre-weighed bags. Problems associated with this method are that each bag may not contain exactly the prefixed weight of the material, and that the worker may not empty the bag completely. Inaccuracies are compounded as more bags are used. Additionally, if an operator is required to count bags in order achieve proper weight, there is a chance for human error to occur.

Our NWS Weigh Batching System with the help of our Batch Weigh controller helps to increase productivity and results in more-accurate measurement of ingredients (resulting in better product quality), minimization of product loss and dust, and reductions in the cost of materials purchased.

Salient Features –

  • 100% customization available as per client requirements
  • NWS Batch Weigh Integrator for precise control weighing and batching
  • Can weigh and control up to 8 different materials in a batch
  • High Precision Beam Load Cells for precise weighment
  • Remote Access facility
  • Interlock signal to blender / mixer / agitator motor during weighing
  • Gross / Net weight: wide range from 5 kgs to 50 tonnes
  • Accuracy Better than +/- 0.5%
  • Reduces Wastage and facilitates better inventory control

Components – NWS Batch Weight Transmitter, Strain Gauge Load Cells, Stainless Steel Junction Box, IOS Switch (Optional) and GSM Modem (Optional).