Axle Weigh Pad

Axle Weigh Pad is a high capacity weighing scale for weighing vehicles. These are used to determine the individual axle weights and total gross weight of any type of vehicle.

Axle Weigh Pads are typically used in pairs, with one pad for the left-hand wheels and one pad for the right.Two pads are used to facilitate – in-motion weighing whereas we can also use four pads, one for each wheel of the vehicle facilitating – static weighing.

Axle Weigh Pads are most commonly used to determine whether a vehicle weight is within the legal limit for travelling on public roads.

NEWTON provides Axle Weigh Pads of low-cost Wired/Wireless Ultra Slim Weigh Pad which are easy to install and calibrate, and have low maintenance cost. The system can weigh any type of vehicle regardless of its length or the number of axles.


  • Factory assembled - Cost effective and quick installation and calibration
  • Easy portability
  • Machined from light weight, high strength steel
  • No civil work
  • Accuracy of better than +/- 1 - 2%
  • Less space for installation and setup same day
  • 10 to 50 Ton per Axle capacity
  • Large display can be attached to the system on a need specific
  • Software with easy configuration and data handling, reporting and data transfer options
  • Rugged instrumentation to give seamless performance